C.L. Martin & Co. Limited strive to supply all your modular building lease requirements by providing a turn-key lease and delivery package. Buildings are available to be used for classrooms, offices, daycares and storage. Custom floor plans are available. As well, several buildings can be attached to form a complex with warm, dry access to all of your classrooms or offices.

Our key features include:

  • Climate controlled buildings with state of the art HVAC units that provide exceptional air quality control
  • Clean, well-maintained buildings with good lighting
  • Short or long term leases
  • On site delivery with complete setup including porches and skirting
  • All structural maintenance
  • One free building relocation per year for every three buildings leased by school boards
  • Three chalkboards, one tack board, three bookshelves, two coat racks and a teacher's wardrobe are standard equipment for a school classroom
For all your leasing needs, please contact Richard Bauman
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